Nottingham Train Station Timetable

Nottingham Train Station Timetable

Nottingham Train Station TimetableAll Aboard! We take a look at some of the destinations you could visit or pass through on the current Nottingham train station timetable. So, looking at the East Midlands Trains service, lets see where you can go from Nottingham:

Local towns to visit from Nottingham Train Station

Whether you’re starting out from Nottingham itself, or travelling down from Sheffield, a few stops you can get along the way are Carlton, Burton Joyce, Lowdham, Thurgarton, Bleasby, Fiskerton, and Rolleston. These stops all have disabled access, and of course, you could board from any of these as well to travel further. The Nottingham line follows on to Newark Castle, which also has disabled access, and PlusBus. Newark North Gate, not too far off, has the same facilities, but their staff is full time, where the other stops have staff part time. The line then follows through to Lincoln, all the way down to Cleethorpes.

Heading south from Nottingham Train Station

Time to branch off. Time to look at a different section of the Nottingham train station timetable. Using Nottingham as the central spot, you can also branch out down towards Grantham and Peterborough, through to Ely and Norwich. There are about 14 stops between these towns and all but Thetford, Brandon, Eccles Road, Wymondham, Elton & Orsten, Bingham, Radcliffe and Netherfield have disabled access with part time staff.

Where else could you visit from Nottingham Train Station?

You could also branch off at Bottlesford, go through Ancaster and Rauceby and connect to Sleafod and go all the way through to Skegness. There are even more possibilities still, because from Sleaford you could backtrack slightly, passing through Ruskington, Metheringham, stopping at Lincoln perhaps, before moving on to Doncaster and Leeds.

Lastly, and adding to the endless possibilities to travel from Nottingham, the last two intertwined routes forming the Nottingham train station timetable. You could also go back past Nottingham to Attenborough, branching off there to either Matlock and Crewe respectively. Or travel to Sheffield, and from there on to Manchester Piccadilly, and on to Liverpool. Sheffield also branches off to Doncaster and from there you can go to Leeds, or York and on to Scarborough.

Of course, like all UK transport links, it wouldn’t be complete without access to London St. Pancras! In fact, we’ve found this great video to show you a sneak preview of exactly what you’d might expect from your Nottingham Train Station journey down to London:

Nottingham Train Station times

Its tough to be able to show the exact times that trains leave the station, but hopefully this gives you a look at what the Nottingham train station timetable is really like and shows that there are other ways for you to get out and about in the UK. There are departure boards on websites all over the net, as well as East Midlands trains as well, showing where trains are delayed or on time. Plus most of the time, there are ways to plan your trip with travel advisers and you can always contact the station beforehand. Tickets can be delivered but just make sure to ask when you book your tickets. Also make sure that you ask about delays, refunds or penalties on tickets when buying them. It helps to be prepared.

And lastly? Bon Voyage and may you have a pleasant journey, wherever you’re going in the UK.


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